Services and Pricing Information

More details on services and pricing information


My main focus is the manufacturing of new pieces of jewellery. This includes everything from unique pieces made of silver to precious and noble one-of-a-kind pieces made from different gold alloys, platinum and palladium.

One of my specialties is the fabrication and manufacture of Mokume Gane - not only for wedding bands but also for other distinguished and unusual pieces.

Additionally, I can offer you a broad spectrum of other services:

  • Repairs of every description
  • Purchase and manufacture of old/used gold
  • Modifications of your jewellery
  • Refurbishing


"What's the price of a golden ring ?" - well, this question is not that easy to answer. A wide, heavy signet ring is usually more expensive than a slender, plain band...

Depending on the character and the material of a piece, pricing will vary; additionally, time and effort to manufacture a piece affect the price as well. From that, please understand that I cannot list any pricing information on these pages.

However, please do not hesitate to contact me; I am always willing to give you a price indication. If necessary, I am also glad to offer you alternatives (like, for instance, different materials or simpler designs) to be able to meet your budget - but of course, I will also keep the durability and character of the piece in mind.