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  • Fireopal necklace

    Fireopal necklace [1]

    Yellow gold 750

    Fireopal and fireopal beads necklace

    8 brilliant-cut diamonds tot. 0.26ct tw/vsi

  • Celtic necklace with hand-made chain

    Celtic necklace with hand-made chain [2]

    Chain of fine silver, hooks of 925 sterling silver

    Handmade center piece of 925 sterling silver, 8 mm thick with african tourmaline (approx. 9 mm diameter)

  • Larimar pendant

    Larimar pendant [3]

    Sterling silver 925

    coloured leather

    Cabochon-Larimar 30 mm

  • Opal necklace with gold chain

    Opal necklace with gold chain [4]

    Yellow gold 750

    Belcher chain with hand-made links

    Boulder opal approx. 35 x 8 mm

  • Opal necklace with brilliant-cut diamond

    Opal necklace with brilliant-cut diamond [5]

    Yellow gold 750

    Boulder opal

    Brilliant-cut diamond 0.17ct tw/vvsi

    Chain from Aquamarine beads

  • Paraiba pendant

    Paraiba pendant [6]

    Yellow gold 750

    Paraiba tourmalines

    3-fold stranded gold wire necklace

  • Pearl pendant with snake chain

    Pearl pendant with snake chain [7]

    Chain and pendant of yellow gold 585

    Tahiti pearl

    Tsavorite 4 mm

  • Pearl pendant with snake chain

    Pearl pendant with snake chain [8]

    Chain and pendant of white gold 585

    Tahiti pearl

    7 brilliant-cut diamonds tot. 0.13ct tw/vsi

  • Opal necklace with hand-made chain

    Opal necklace with hand-made chain [9]

    Yellow gold 750

    Center piece yellow gold 750

    Boulder opal 7,6 g

    Brilliant-cut diamonds tot. 0.3ct tw/vvsi

    The chain can be worn without the center piece as well

  • Red coral chain

    Red coral chain [10]

    Hook and endcaps yellow gold 585

    Red foam coral (beads approx. 20 mm diameter)

  • Opal necklace

    Opal necklace [11]

    Center piece yellow gold 916 (approx. 30 x 21 mm)

    Boulder opal

    26 brilliant-cut diamonds tot. 1.55ct tw/vsi

  • Coral necklace

    Coral necklace [12]

    Necklace of blue foam coral (beads 14 mm)

    Clasp of white gold 585

  • Coral necklace

    Coral necklace [13]

    Bamboo coral (dia. approx. 25 mm)
    Sterling silver 925

  • Mokume opal pendant

    Mokume opal pendant [14]

    Base sterling silver 925

    Mokume gane inlays
    Red gold/Palladium/Silver

    Topaz fac. dia. 5mm

    Boulder opal 10mm

  • Mokume fireopal pendant

    Mokume fireopal pendant [15]

    Mokume gane
    Green gold/Palladium

    Fire opal 11x9mm

    Collier 55 strands stainless steel (partially gold-plated)

Details on Necklaces and Pendants

Even more than for other jewellery, it is very hard to categorize necklaces and pendants. This starts with the type of the chain or necklace - a simple leather cord might be used, a necklace made from fine stainless steel strands (even partly gold-plated), one of the various chain types like anchor chain, belcher chain, curb chain, king chain etc.

However, even for a simple pearl necklace, some issues should be considered. Obviously, the most simple way is to just thread the pearls onto a length of pearl silk - this is easy and is done pretty fast. There is a disadvantage, though - if the thread snaps, all pearls fall down. This is why more precious pearls, stones and other materials is usually not just threaded but knotted. When a knotted necklace snaps, only one pearl might fall. Additionally, threaded necklaces (and knotted ones as well) should be inspected for wear once in a while - I will gladly do this for you and can also offer you appropriate repair optionsif necessary.

Maybe even more options are available for pendants. Nearly everything can be worn as a pendant - from the classical solitaire brilliant-cut diamond to the shell you once found on the beach. All kinds of precious metals can be used for fitting or for the pendant itself - also Mokume Gane. I will help you in designing your personal pendant as well.